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Publication Package

We guarantee that no university library or individual reader will ever have to buy a subscription or pay any pay-per-view fees to access chapters in the electronic version of the Book. There is hence no revenue at BIOTICA neither from the sale of subscriptions to the electronic version of the Book, advertising revenue, sell reprints, any other institutional or organizational support nor from pay-per-view fees.

Yet, the online publication process does involve costs including those pertaining to setup and maintenance of the publication infrastructure, routine operation of the website, processing of manuscripts through peer-reviews, editing, publishing, maintaining the scholarly record, DOI and archiving. To cover these costs, the publisher depends on Publication Fees.

Publication fee is payable only if a manuscript is accepted for publication. There is no additional fee for color figures, and no submission charge. Instruction for payment will be sent during the publication process and invoice will be issued accordingly.


  • Rapid Peer Review process
  • Multiple marketing channels
  • Book will be published with ISBN
  • International platform for launching of each book
  • There is no restrictions on the number of authors
  • One complimentary e-copy of chapter (Online Book) & 5 copies (Printed Book)
  • Unique dashboard to each Author (forthcoming)
  • Editorship/authorship e-certificate which is important for academic and professional enhancement
  • No Processing/submission fees and only nominal publication charge
  • On demand CrossRef DOI will be allotted to each book/chapter
  • Free service of typesetting, proofreading and cover design
  • Skilled, proficient and competent editorial and reviewer team
  • Selected good quality chapters (not all) will be indexed in RSquareL/Angiras and other indexing platforms.
  • Open access mode of publication in Biotica Digital Library
  • Enhanced search features are implemented to boost the discoverability of the content for readers and fellow researchers, thereby facilitating increased citations.
  • Easy paper/chapter management system with transparency of the process including peer review
  • Adds points to API as per NAAC & NBA (India) and other accreditation bodies from abroad
  • Exceptional Royalty benefit for corresponding editor of full book and author of each chapter (Closed Access/Printed Books category only)
  • Authors/Editors will also be privileged to host National/International Conference/workshop at their own place or country
  • Authors/Editors will avail concessions in registration fees in all National/International conference/seminar/workshop


Publication Charge per Chapter (Edited Book)


Price (INR)

Price (USD)

Plan A: 

Author's benefit + CrossRef DOI + e-copy of publication certificate + e-copy of published chapter + Registration fee concessions in biotica conferences



Plan B: 

Author's benefit + CrossRef DOI + Hard copy of publication certificate + One complimentary printed copy of book + Registration fee concessions in biotica conferences



Publication Charge (Printed Authored Book)


No. of pages

Complimentary copies

Price (INR)

Bond paper both side printed and laminated cover page (Soft cover) (Excluding courier charges)









  • Extra/Fresh copies (Printed Book) and full book (Open Access Printed Book) may be obtained by the author/editor with 30% discount on MRP.
  • Editors (Printed book only) are entitled to receive 40% profit royalty on sale/book (Profit = MRP - (Distribution Cost + Production Cost)).


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